Being flat chested has its benefits, like bras being optional for the majority of my wardrobe, but these days, I’m pretty excited them. The resurgence of 90’s attire, namely slip dresses, has made me embrace new ways of accessorizing minimally. In my book, the best outfits look finished; not overly polished, just enough to make it look like I put in effort. Adding lace bra does just that to any outfit- peeking out from under a tee shirt, on its own if you’re feeling risqué or, my personal favorite, topped off with a slip. Despite the lack of fabric, there are specific qualities that differentiate the good from the great. Annie Bing’s [pictured above] are equal parts stretchy, soft and sheer, and the one I find myself reaching for daily. They’re also expensive, so to preserve the quality, I alternate with Kimchi’s Blue Camellia Lace Bralette (currently on sale!) for low-key outings.

I can already hear the naysayers: But I have boobs! They don’t make lacy bras for me! To that I say, meet Natori’s Feathers Wireless Convertible Bra, a dainty, delicate, but most importantly functional alternative for anyone above a B cup, although also a solid choice for smaller bust sizes who prefer more coverage. This isn’t a problem I run into often, but apparently, thin bralette styles tend to dig in the shoulders if your on the chestier side. Not fun, and thankfully not the case here. And there you have it! Unlike going braless (still my all-time favorite route), you’ll have something pretty to show off. And unlike regular bras, of which it seems you always need more to work into your wardrobe, this is a stand-alone. No fancy straps or convertibility, just a not-so-basic, badass bra- the only one you need.


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