The music festival circuit is a learning experience. Year One is all sparkles and bikini tops until it’s 9:00 P.M. on Friday night and you’re flushing glitter out of your irritated eyeballs freezing you’re a** off because no one told you to bring a jacket. Year Two, you’re older and wiser, or maybe you’re just smarter than I was year one and asked anyone what you should and shouldn’t do when attending a music festival. Best example: the Year Two girl wears primer, because she knows a primer-less face cannot withstand 1) heat, 2) wind, and 3) sun nearly as well as a well-primered face. Year Two girl also knows that if she forgets her primer because she was packing hastily (hi!!), she can order one from Sephora on Postmates and have it delivered right to her tent/hotel/house/other accommodation of choice. Year Two girl is smart. Be the Year Two girl.

NARS Smooth & Protect Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen: Is there anything worse than the burning sensation when you start to sweat and sunscreen gets into your eyes? Anything? I’ll wait. The answer is no, and the solution is a primer + sunscreen combination. NARS just came out with a new one, and it’s good. It’s thick (in a good way), lightweight, and in addition to preventing sunburns, gives you a matte finish that wears exceptionally well, even- dare I say especially?- for oily skin. It’s moisturizing enough if you’re dry to normal, but oily skin will benefit most from the “non-migrating” technology.

MILK Makeup Blur Stick: This looks very scary because it’s beige, but I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, it goes on invisible. Once it’s rubbed in, the product feels light but still smooths over any *texture* (my nice-ish term for those inconvenient human qualities like pores, acne scars and the like). It’s especially great for people who are looking for smoother skin without adding tons of coverage. The color doesn’t have any noticeable effect on skin tone, but has magical blurring properties that make you feel like you need much less traditional concealing.

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer Radiance With Hyaluronic Acid: The Photo Finish line isn’t exactly a new offering from Smashbox, but this version has flecks of amber and bronze in it to leave you looking like a perfectly bronzed, perpetually on vacation Izabel Goulart- ingenious! There’s never a bad time to look like a Brazillian supermodel, but especially not at Coachella.


Greyson Tarantino