We spend a good amount of our lives in bed- specifically, one third of it, in case you’re wondering- so if you’re going to splurge, your sleep is the place to do it.

First step: ditch the college t-shirts and ex-boyfriends’ boxer shorts in favor of matching pajama sets. In theory, holding on to cozy (okay, tattered) loungewear seems logical. If no one is going to see me in the clothes, why invest my money there? The most obvious reason would be to clear out precious drawer space filled with items you probably don’t even like and would be mortified to be seen in. Then, there’s the added bonus of feeling undeniably glamorous when you wake up looking chic. It basically screams ‘I have my life together!’ and gives you another excuse to go shopping. Win-win.

Now that you look good physically and feel good mentally, it’s time to address your skin. Makeup artists and doctors alike have all sung the praises of sleeping with a humidifier, but until a few years ago, their unsightly designs made investing in them a hard pill to swallow. These days, not only are they designed to be an asset to your existing decor, but aside from hydrated skin, your dry eyes, nose and throat can also benefit from the added water vapor.

If you’re going to put in the effort to use a humidifier, don’t let your pillow rob you of said benefits. Cotton, a common pillowcase fabric, is absorbent, meaning hair and skin is sucked of moisture, and any products you put on either goes straight into the fabric, instead of staying on your face or in your hair. ‘Beauty pillowcases’, for lack of a better term, have become a competitive marketplace in recent months, but as long as you opt for one made with satin or silk, you’ll see huge benefits re: frizz, wrinkles and overall quality of life. Bonus points if you douse your new pillows with a few sprays of sleep mist!

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