“I run an accessories company called Littledoe. We make hats and accessories, mostly, and we’re launching a bridal line doing antique, one-of-a-kind veils and dresses. I’m also a singer-songwriter. I used to be a songwriter for other people, but started doing my own thing a few years ago, and I have a new album coming out hopefully next year. I try to dedicate my energy 50/50 to Littledoe and music, but it depends on the season. If Littledoe is in production, I’ll spend more time there, or while I’m on tour like I was recently, that’s pretty time consuming, so it’s a balance.

I moved to New York when I was seventeen, and right when I got there, I started working at a magazine as an intern for the Fashion Editor. I was there for six months, and when I left the magazine, my boss there recommended me for an assistant position with [stylist] Kate Young, who I ended up working for all through college- almost four years. I don’t really know how Littledoe got started; I think part of it was just living in New York and being into some really hippie shit at the time [laughs]. I would make these floral and feather crowns just so I had something to wear if I was going to a party. My Mom raised me to know how to sew- things like tailoring my own pants, she taught me to do those sorts of things myself- so I started making these little headpieces. My friends all wanted to wear them, and one of them ended up wearing a piece at an event where she got photographed. That photo was on the cover of Style.com, people began buying a few, and so I called my parents and told them I wanted to pursue this.

I threw together a little shoot with a friend who was a model and a friend who was a photographer, styled the whole thing in my own clothes, and that became our first look book. It was totally spitballed! I fought it for so long, too, because I never wanted to work in fashion, but I’m Canadian, and it was a great reason to get a Visa to stay in the States. I’m very lucky that I don’t have to be a musician that works at Starbucks.

This record I have coming out is the first album that really sounds like me. I made one a few years ago, and I’m so proud of it, but I worked with people who intimidated me and who I admired, so I let them take the reins, and now when I listen, it almost sounds like someone else playing my songs. This next album is very personal, almost overwhelmingly so, but I think it’s good. It’s a lot about heartache and loneliness, things so many people can relate too, but maybe not everyone wants to touch on. It feels very much like a diary. I haven’t played it for that many people, but everyone I have played it for has cried at some point listening to it. I don’t like to knock any genre of music because they all serve a purpose, but there’s a lot of dishonesty in music right now, so I think it’s more important than ever to share real, raw experiences, and then you just hope that someone else out there has felt that way or can connect to it. Music is such a powerful tool to bring people together.

Beauty wise, the one thing I’ve gotten all my girlfriends onto- it’s so silly- are these ice face masks that you can get at Amazon. If you’re ever hungover, or tired, they are magic. I’ve gotten all my best girlfriends addicted to them because I give them to everyone as gifts! They’re so, so good. I get really warm when I’m hungover, and it totally cools you down. My parents live in New York, and whenever I would go visit, I would have a big night of drinking and catching up with friends. When I would wake up in the morning, my Mom always gave me frozen peas to put on my face, and it felt so good, which made me think someone had to have thought about doing some sort of ice-mask for your face, and it turns out this Japanese company did! Even in the L.A. heat when you wake up feeling a little puffy, just throw one on for ten minutes and lie back down. Or even better, you can put a sheet mask on first and then put the ice mask on top. That is the best secret, ever.”


Chelsea Cooper