In theory, a weekend like Labor Day would give you ample time for new projects (color-coordinating your closet, organizing your junk drawer, etc.), but in reality, do you really want to spend it feeling busy when you could be out enjoying that extra time off? Probably not, which is where the idea for this eye came in. In addition to scolding temperatures, Labor Day weekend also features a slew of events to potentially pack your schedule with. Nothing makes people want to celebrate like the sadness of the greatest season of the year coming to an end, so dress your face accordingly: festive, but not complicated, and fitting for almost any event in your calendar.

This look beings with a strong eye, starting by applying Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream in 14 Satin Brown all over the lid up to the crease for a high shine finish. Then, using a detailing brush, go in with the same color, painting a thin line under the lower lashes. To give the eyes a lived-in edge, mix a combination of two powder eyeshadows in variants of bronze- Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Singles in Chocolate in Truffle– and pat with your finger into the crease.

The lashes are dark and defined courtesy of YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils in High Density Black, with a small amount of Laura Mercier’s High Coverage Concealer used under the eyes to keep the area bright and prevent a sullen-looking effect that can result from using darker eyeshadows.

Now that you’ve got the eyes done, move onto skin. Dab MAC Strobe Cream with a damp beauty blender to the the high points of your face- cheekbones, bridge of the nose- then apply a sheer layer of Hourglass’ Vanishing Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, prioritizing wherever you have the most redness. If you’re oily, set with a dusting of Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder to help keep the base from moving, then move on to bronzer. A healthy wash of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer helps keep the look warm, topped with a layer of Laura Mercier’s Face Illuminator in Indiscretion on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose to tie in the metallic from the eyes, rounds out the face.

Since the eyes are bold and the face is bronzed, the lips can take a backseat. Dior’s Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss amps up your natural lip shade (and, as per the name, has a slight plumping effect if you’re into that) with just the right amount of gloss to make the look ‘finished’ without being too much of a distraction.


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