“I majored in English and Creative Writing, and people are always surprised to hear that I’m actually making use of it [laughs]. Writing has always been my passion, and my spirit is very entrepreneurial, so getting to work with so many publications is a dream for me.

I do a lot of writing for digital publications- I just did my first story for MyDomaine las week– but there’s something about having your work published in print that’s still so exciting. I had a piece in The Hollywood Reporter [this summer], and my friend who works there sent me so many copies of the issue. My Mom was giving them out to everyone!

Writing is a pretty divisive skill. I find that most people either love it or hate it, and it’s kind of becoming a lost art these days since most people are condensing their writing more and more to fit on social media. In a sense, though, that’s great for me because it opens up a lot of work in the editorial space.

People talk a lot about how big natural beauty is becoming, but I think over the next few years, we’re going to see a huge shift in what ingredients people consider to be ‘okay’ in their products. I honestly think we’ll look back and be appalled by what we were putting on our faces, especially since there are brands out there now using good ingredients whose products work just as well as the stuff that’s filled with chemicals. I think the most frustrating part about bad ingredients in beauty products is the science behind what’s good and not good for you is confusing. If someone like me who writes and reads about all of this for a living doesn’t understand it, it’s impossible to expect other people to be able to. That’s why I love brands like Sisley Paris- they make it so much easier to understand what they’re doing and using in their products that make them better for you. One of my favorites right now is their Phyto Lip Twist. I hate wearing lipstick, but this one is made with plant-based ingrendients, and it feels like you have nothing on. Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup, if my lipstick is too heavy, it doesn’t look natural, but this is smooth and moisturizing with a pop of color.”


Aris Jerome