Happy post-Fourth of July! Operating under the assumption you had a long weekend and are in no mood for something overly complicated, we’re keeping it light and easy- like the perfect July 4th lewk- with some nail content. You could probably argue the winter holidays are the true season for red nails, but given that I saw various shades of red on almost every female hand at the patriotic festivities yesterday, I have a hunch that summer could be giving Christmas a run for its red-nailed money.

The million dollar question with seasonal reds comes down to choosing the right shade. Your Chanel Pirate and OPI Malaga Wine can stay put until November because summer is all about one color in particular: Essie’s Geranium.

Essie Geranium

There are certain things in life you just don’t question, like how watermelon 100% tastes better when it’s 80° outside, or that you will inevitably spill on anything you wear that’s white. Another universal truth coming in hot: Essie Geranium is the nail polish of the season. It’s sophisticated, it suits quite literally every skin tone, it coordinates well with your Aperol Spritz, it makes your hands look tan- I don’t know how much people expect out of their nail polish colors these days, but this shade feels like it goes above and beyond. In any case, you really can’t explain these kinds of things! It’s all very roll-with-the-punches, and because we’re talking about nails it’s not worth over thinking. Trust. Also, the longer the nails, the closer you are to fully embodying Daria Webory circa Celine ’13. Remember that.


Rick Bhatia for Highbrow