In this series, we a look at the best in food through the lens of beauty, as told to us via some of the top chefs, sommeliers and bartenders in the industry. This week on Highbrow Reservations, we talk to Gerard Sampson, Executive Chef of Market Provisions in Los Angeles.

What does beauty mean to you in the context of your work?

I think it’s important, especially in Los Angeles, to show beauty in food through and through. Instagram is so popular, and so much business drives from that platform. As chefs, it’s our job to keep the food looking sexy!

What is the most beautiful dish currently on your menu?

The Indian Summer Corn is new on the menu for fall. It has so many great colors, so I pair it with some different squash, and all together, it is sort of like a mosaic of fall vegetables.

What are some of your favorite fall and winter ingredients?

I’m from Boston where when summer ends most great vegetables go away. Fall is when you move into squashes, corns and root vegetables. They’re more hearty but you can cook them however you want. It’s definitely my favorite food season.

What is your go-to beauty product?

It’s just after-shave! I use Harry’s Post Shave Balm. I think if you want to keep a nice face, it’s important to put on after-shave balm. It keeps away the bumps and gives you [a smooth finish].

What is an ingredient you recommend for health or beauty purposes?

I would say play around with vinegars. It keeps [everything] light, beautiful and fresh, and it’s also very flavorful.


Jaleesa Williams