Still recovering from 2016? Yeah, us too, so we called on our go-to fitness, health, home & wellness expert, Amy Rosoff-Davis, who will be here doling out advice every Wednesday on how to become the best version of you under the guidance of her new column, Joie De Vivre, “exuberant enjoyment of life”. Expect lots of sinfully delicious (and healthy) recipes, the coolest interior accessories, cutting-edge fitness tips and unparalleled life advice.  No fads, cutting out entire food groups, or impractical recommendations in sight. Promise. Up this week: a good-for-you home buy for a better nights sleep.

It’s easy to fully write off the idea of ‘mindful possessions,’ (think: burning sage, evil eye pendants, crystals), especially if you’re not somewhere like Los Angeles where ‘Energy Healing’ is a common form of therapy. But promoting positivity, especially when nothing around you feels positive, is a great intention no matter where you fall on the cynicism scale.

One of my most loved mindful possessions is my Electric Love NYC Dream Catcher. It encapsulates everything I look for when choosing pieces from my home: handcrafted, materially conscious and a conduit for good energy, (in addition to being pretty enough to be considered art).

Traditionally, dream catchers were used by Native Americans to separate the good dreams from the bad: bad dreams would get caught in the webbing, while good dreams would slide through the web and down the feathers to the sleeper below. Electric Love’s pieces are a reimagining of the Native American dream catcher, not meant to replicate the traditional versions, but be a what the brand calls ‘mythical talismans’ in their own right.

In the center of each Electric Love piece is a quartz crystal, A.K.A. one of the most positive, energy accepting stones. Because of their receptive nature, each stone is kept in a box filled with roses and jasmine before being placed on a dream catcher, which promote emotional healing and sleep, respectively. The other materials- leather and feather- are both non-synthetic and ethically sourced, meaning no two dreamcatchers are alike, and they also aren’t cheap. I’m a big believer in quality over quantity, though, and as the dude says in the Big Lebowski, “It really ties the room together.”


Greyson Tarantino