In this series, we a look at the best in food through the lens of beauty, as told to us via some of the top chefs, sommeliers and bartenders in the industry. This week on Highbrow Reservations, we talk to baker and owner of Clark Street Bread, Zack Hall. 

What does beauty mean to you in the context of your work? 

Beauty starts with great quality ingredients, grown and farmed responsibility. Then I can hopefully take that and make it into a finished product that people will love and enjoy. To me beauty is something that looks good but is also good for you.

You’re building out your new bakery space right now, what is the design like?

The bones of the space have a lot of character. It’s an old brick building with a bowstring truss exposed roof from the 30’s. We are going to have an open bakery with all the stainless steel equipment on display for the customer to see. Beyond that we may go with natural materials like wood and marble that highlight the existing space and keep the room light and open.

Carbs have a bad reputation in LA, how do you make bread appealing? 

I think good bread has the ability to make itself appealing. It’s beautiful looking, think of the deeply caramelized colors of the crust. It also has such a wonderful, recognizable aroma. Plus, I think it has got to a point where people can tell a quality hand-made loaf apart from some supermarket crap. The whole Atkins craze was a fad, now is the time for REAL FOOD!

What is your most beautiful creation? 

C’mon! That’s like picking your favorite child. Croissants are pretty damn cute. The layers, that butter smell, the crispy crunch when you bite in… Creating the perfect croissant has become an obsession!

What is your go-to beauty product? 

I steal my wife’s Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream. It makes me feel happy in the morning.


Chelsea Cooper