It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the choker began reigning supreme as the accessory of choice for the fashion world, but the main takeaway is that, for the foreseeable future, it’s here to stay. Luckily, the throwback staple has become decidedly more interesting than the braided elastic shape of years past, so to guide you through how to style your hair with what has become a vast sea of neck-adorning options, we tapped Clariss Rubenstein, stylist to Olivia Culpo, January Jones and Mindy Kaling. Part I of our take on styling the iconic choker trend, pairing a ‘90s fashion staple with a beauty staple of the same era; The Flip.


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To give this look an effortless edge, let your hair dry naturally, instead of using a dryer to smooth any kinks or curls. If you make the foundation perfect, it takes away from how organic this style is meant to look. Make sure while you’re styling to part the hair the opposite way you want to wear it, so that when you flip it to create the deep side part at the end, it has added volume.


Start by using a one-inch barrel curling iron, wrapping small and medium size sections around the iron, alternating the direction of each curl. Leave about two inches out at the end of each curl, and hold each curl for a different amount of time, between four and ten seconds.


Once you’ve curled the whole head, lightly go over the waves with a flat iron to break up the curls and create that ‘perfectly imperfect’ texture.


Butterfly the hair by picking up large chunks of curls and slowly releasing, generously spraying Oribe Texturizing Spray evenly throughout as you let it fall.


Using a tail comb, start in the middle of your eyebrow, on the opposite side of your current part, and push the hair back to create a deep side part. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Lenor Greyl Styling Crème to the ends, and then liberally spray with a good hairspray to set!


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