Now that 2016 is really, officially over, there’s no better time to start undoing all the bad habits that you most likely formed after such a rough year. Here to guide you through your recovery is fitness, health, home & wellness expert Amy Rosoff-Davis, whose client list alone should illustrate why we follow her advice religiously, (Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, and Kristen Bell, to name a few). Every Wednesday, Amy will be here dolling out advice on how to become the best version of you under the guidance of her new column, Joie De Vivre, “exuberant enjoyment of life”. No fad diets, cutting out entire food groups, or unrealistic exercises in sight. Promise.


I am beyond overjoyed to kick off Joie de Vivre talking about a hot button topic, wellness. It’s one of those ideas that isn’t clearly actionable, and as such, feels difficult to incorporate into your daily life. The ambiguity leaves a lot of room for interpretation, so I’ve found that the best way to embrace the idea of wellness comes down to simplicity. In short, wellness is a way of living your best life. But how on earth do I do that?!


This year, I encourage you to approach your New Year’s resolutions through the lens of wellness. Wellness can be taking care of the planet around you. It can be contributing to your community and the betterment of the world. It can be respecting your feelings and the feelings of others. Wellness is, at its very best, being free of judgment and full of love.

Maybe for you, it’s resolving to write a thank you note each week (it’s good enough for Mark Zuckerberg…), or getting to the Farmer’s Market every Sunday. If you’re like the 37% of Americans whose resolutions included ‘staying fit and healthy’, what if instead, you try to eat what you want without judgment? Making the conscious decision to choose delicious food that nourishes your body, but also accepting that, some days, a burger (the best quality burger you can find, of course) is the answer.

Imagine a world where you exercise to stay strong, rather than because you feel pressure or shame. What would happen if chose to love how you look? What if you stopped feeling guilt and anger and started feeling powerful and fearless? Can you praise yourself for your accomplishments and also accept constructive criticism?

Dare to live a life where you follow your creative spirit. Work hard, be brave, and challenge yourself to new things. Open your heart and your mind and let yourself enjoy all the pleasures this world has to offer. That is wellness.

Make 2017 the year of YOU. Be well and love hard.




Greyson Tarantino