“My name is Kelly LeVeque and I am a holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach and wellness expert here in Los Angeles. I work with clients privately, share new information through health articles and love getting dirty in the kitchen. After eight years in the oncology field, I finally decided to make my passion project a career. Be Well by Kelly has grown rapidly and I can attribute it to a few things; it’s realistic and my clients get results. They focus on a few things that need to be on their plate and ditch the “do not eat” list. If they have a glass of rose, we have “autocorrect” tools to help get them back on track. It’s light structure for a totally sustainable lifestyle and one you will see on the shelves of Barnes and Noble next March thanks to Harper Collins.

Kelly LeVeque Beauty
Kelly LeVeque Beauty

Simple Organic Beauty products are here to stay; from simple one ingredient face oils to natural makeup. Clean brands are now able to compete with your beauty counter favorites; it is no longer a flakey attempt at picture perfect. Brands like Honest, Kjaer Weiss and Citrine Beauty are making finding, purchasing and using these products accessible at any budget. There is no excuse not to swap your chemical laden foundation for a cleaner option if it doesn’t change your look. Start with your thick drug store lotion, opt to swap it for a healing breathable organic body oil and work your way up into your makeup bag.”


Chelsea Cooper