Everything is pared down in the summer: clothes, beauty routines, accessories- the name of the game is ‘less is more’, though ‘less’ doesn’t have to be unimpressive, it just takes a little more thought. It’s easy to throw on an oversized, blood red choker in December and call it a statement piece, but combining whisper-thin, glittering threads in an impactful way is an art form.

Carbon + Hyde is the fine jewelry brand of the moment here in L.A., a well-deserved title when stars Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift are parading around in pieces from the line. The brands’ Rosette chokers are practically cult pieces, but the real standouts from the range are of the daintier variety. In true L.A. form, the sisters masterfully balance masculine and feminine- think glittering, thread like chains accented with diamond daggers, ‘floating’ diamond rings and collarbone grazing, bevel-set necklaces that all miraculously play well together. Below, we’ve created three looks based on the (completely unofficial) rules for stacking and layering to inspire your summer accessory game. As if you needed an excuse to go jewelry shopping:

Layer juxtaposing pieces- sharp and soft, long and short.
Taryn wears Carbon & Hyde Rose and Cleo Necklaces, both in Rose Gold.

If you go heavy-handed with ring stacking on one hand, simplify the other by limiting to one statement piece.
From left to right: Taryn wears Carbon & Hyde Double Buckle Knuckle Ring, Mini Claw Ring, Claw Ring, Hourglass Ring and Dewdrop Ring all in Rose Gold.

Play with pendants by wearing two or three of similar lengths, then shift the positions so they hang at different levels. 
Taryn wears two Carbon & Hyde Horn Necklaces (not yet released) and Double Buckle Knuckle Ring both in Rose Gold. Beau wears Carbon & Hyde Rose Necklace in Rose Gold.


Aris Jerome
Hair & Makeup
Jaclyn B. & Zara Kaplan