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If you haven’t already seen the signs, there’s almost no such thing as trends anymore. Remember the days when fashion and beauty editors would translate the big ideas into editorial spreads that told you what you should be wearing and looking like each season? Those days, the days of the ‘trend,’ are as dead as the Overplucked Eyebrow of the 1990s. Technology moves everything too quickly for that. The moment you think Blue Eyeshadow is having a moment, you scroll to find that, actually, Holographic Highlighter is what your makeup kit has been missing- rookie mistake- and blue eyeshadow is over before it even had a chance to happen in earnest. All of this is to say; we’re in the midst of a revolution, one that states that in an overcrowded market, your instincts are your most valuable asset.

Instincts are the reason you can sift through the myriad of content you consume hungrily on various platforms to find an unmistakable personal voice and style. Is it overwhelming? Of course. But what develops from that- in addition to a uniquely discerning eye- is a strong sense of self, the same quality that allows today’s interviewee (and one of our favorite blondes), Dru Radovich, to tell authentic, relatable stories with her partner Arianna Margulis for their comic brand, But Like Maybe. It’s also what makes you, our reader, confident enough to sit in front of your hairdresser and demand she takes you from “Black Coffee Brown” to “Zoe Kravitz Blonde” because after spending countless hours stalking Ms. Kravitz on Instagram, you just know her shade of platinum is going to look amazing on you. Everyone is, for all intents and purposes, their own editor.

So what is a website like Highbrow’s function in this post-trend world? I like to think of our content as a reflection of the things our team likes best. It’s far from a clear statement about what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do when it comes to beauty- that’s just not the way anyone consumes content anymore. Instead, we’re here to give you tools, give you options, and help you make more educated choices. This week, we’re helping you through the world of blonde and color treated hair, whether it’s how to communicate with your stylist or shop the drugstore for quality products, but overall, we want to emphasize freedom as it relates to beauty, and how the freedom to doll up or down in a way that suits you and reflects your taste, is well worth exercising.

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