There’s nothing fun about oral hygiene. I wouldn’t blink at spending $200 on Lush Bath Bombs, but I have hefty inner-debates over buying a $5 new Oral-B Toothbrush or just sticking with the hot pink one I’ve had for years. I consider myself very serious about hygiene overall, teeth and mouth included, but the industry makes it so hard to get excited about the products. Mouthwashes, in particular, have sucked a lot of money out of my savings with promises of a whiter smile and stronger enamel, but all I end up with is an ugly bottle that I have to bury in a drawer coupled with masochist-level burning in my mouth. But then I found Floris London Rose Concentrated Mouthwash. A pretty gold bottle! A pink color that doesn’t taste like bubblegum! Supposedly used by British royalty and Marilyn Monroe! It all seemed too good to be true, but here I am on my second bottle, excited to partake in my evening teeth cleaning routine.

This is not the kind of mouthwash you swig straight from the container- I made that rookie mistake and am telling you now to forewarn you. It’s painful. Instead, you fill a small cup with water, add a few drops of the mouthwash, then commence with the swishing and rinsing. For anyone gawking at the price, this outlasts any affordable mouthwash I’ve used ten times over since the amount you use each time is so minimal. Once you rinse, the pleasant rose taste remains for a few minutes before completely dissipating. No lingering chemical “Cool Mint” that messes with the taste of your coffee/breakfast/lunch, just a brief interlude of florals, then pure freshness the rest of the day. Top notch packaging that looks good, nay, great on my countertop, *literally* royal clientele, plus it actually does what it claims to do… It’s the mouthwash your current mouthwash worries about, and clearly, for a good reason.


Greyson Tarantino