As is the case with most runway trends, a slight interpretation is always necessary to translate the styles to real life. Case in point, the sleek ‘Croissant’ buns worn by some of our favorite models at the Chanel Haute Couture S/S 16 Show. For the elaborate indoor-garden setting, stylist Sam McKnight complimented the detailed garb that graced the runway with a hairstyle that was equal parts sleek and sophisticated.

After seeing multiple seasons of ‘undone’ hair rule supreme, this look was a breath of fresh air; the ultimate confident- and convenient– style that elevates any ensemble.

Clariss Rubenstein is no stranger to the sleek bun, having recreated a more wearable version for red carpet darling Olivia Culpo not once, but twice.

Confession: it took multiple failed attempts of us attempting the seemingly simple style before deciding it was high time we go straight to the source, which is what we should’ve done in the first place. “The easiest looks, like this one, can be the hardest to master, but the sleek bun is a classic that everyone can do at home with the right products,” explained Rubenstein. Now, on to the how

Bella Hadid walking in the
Chanel Haute Couture
S/S '16 Show.
Image Via Instagram.


Start by flat ironing the hair around the face and part so that it lays super flat and smooth, then create a clean center part using a tail comb.

Using a spray wax or shiny pomade, like Tricky Light by Unite or Semi-Sumo by Bumble and Bumble, apply around the face and part, then brush hair into a tight low ponytail using a Mason Pearson brush and secure with an elastic.

For a larger, more volumized bun, lightly backcomb the inside of your ponytail with the Mason Pearson, then smooth the outside with the brush and a small amount of pomade or wax.

Twist the hair around itself and form into a bun shape around the base of the ponytail, securing with hairpins as you go. This isn’t a style that is supposed to move, so give it a nice spray to set it. I love the Moroccan Oil sprays; they smell amazing and they are shiny without being stiff.


Jin-Woo Prensena
Clariss Rubenstein
Hannah Biddle