“We’re Bahari, and we’re a band! [Laughs]

Ruby: I’m from Kenya, and I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember; I’ve always sang. I moved to L.A. about three and a half years ago to pursue music, and that’s when I met these lovely ladies, and now we’re here!

Natalia: I was born in Nashville, and I grew up on the road with my Mom who was a country artist, so I’ve always been really inspired by the lifestyle. I moved to L.A. when I was six and started acting, which ended up leading me to the band.

Sydney: I was born and raised in Manhattan Beach. I actually grew up in the same town as Antonina, our producer. She had me come in one day to sing some songs that I had written, and then she had me come in a few more times before she introduced the three of us.

All: We met right here!

Natalia: In this room! [All laugh] We knew right away that we liked each other and wanted to be friends, and then the music came easily.

Ruby: We’re working on the next album right now, so hopefully we’ll have that done soon. Since we got back from tour, we’ve been in the studio trying to finish it up. It should be released soon!

Sydney: The Next Big Thing in beauty for me is for sure Olaplex. I bleach my hair so much, but if I use Olaplex overnight and rinse it out in the morning, it keeps my hair so strong. I don’t know how I still have hair, honestly, because I bleach it white so often, but this definitely helps. You don’t need to use that much! I use it on my whole head once a week, but I focus it on my ends and the top of my head where I have broken pieces to help make them stronger.

Natalia: I think Metallic Lips are going to be huge this winter. Kylie Jenner released a bunch of metallic colors this summer, so now it’s on people’s radar. Her colors are a little much for me, so I use Blushington B. Lovely Lipstick, and it’s just a good nude color, and then I put MAC Nymphette in the center of my lips for that metallic, ombre effect.

Ruby: I’m always about really simple, dewy makeup with big lashes. Maybelline Falsies Volume Express is the best mascara, ever, and you can get it at CVS! I used to use YSL and Dior, but this is better.

Natalia: Another good mascara is Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara. It’s amazing, but it can be kind of insane for some people because it’s a lot. I only have to use one coat to make my lashes look like this. I really wanted lash extensions, not because my eyelashes are bad, but just because lash extensions give you that wispy look, but this product does that look for me.”


Chelsea Cooper