Moms-to-be and new Moms are notoriously challenging to buy for, but luckily, Courtney Klein of Storq, the San Francisco based, highly curated maternity line, is an expert of sorts on the topic, and is here armed with the best recommendations just in time for Mother’s Day. Read this now, thank us later:


Night Carafe: A little bedside carafe filled with iced lemon water makes being parched all day and all night long a classy affair.

Basics Bundle: Not every woman is excited about buying a temporary maternity wardrobe. The basic bundle takes the stress out of dressing a growing bod with 4 chic (and ultra soft) pieces that are guaranteed to fit all nine months.

Tank Dress: Gifting an expecting mom versatile wardrobe staples is the best way to go. The Storq tank dress is the perfect warm weather piece that does double duty if she plans to breastfeed later on, or just wants to keep on wearing something chic and comfortable.

Red Lipstick: Sometimes there is nothing better than swiping on a bold lipstick to help you feel like yourself amidst all the change that come with growing a human in your body.


Not Your Average Grocery Store Magazines: Give the gift of something to do while holding a babe in the one arm with a subscription to some awesome reading material. We love The Gentlewoman and Cherry Bombe for a solid dose of style and substance.

Robe: Even if you’ve never been a robe person before, new motherhood will make you a robe person. Putting on clothes as a new Mom can be exhausting, and since this is one of the few times in life you can get away with wearing whatever you want and having no one question you, embrace it!

Flower Subscription: Flowers can brighten your day even in the darkest of sleepless and stressed out times. Getting them on the regular? That is best friend level thoughtfulness right there.


Kid’s Art Print: Every piece of artwork is an original masterpiece, and yet, the sheer volume means you’ll have to throw most of it away. Shh, we won’t tell. With Parabo Press you can order prints of a few choice works from their vast oeuvre as keepsakes for you or (more likely) the grandparents.

Carryall: Here’s a bag that works for moms, dads, uncles, friends, whoever. Having something that doesn’t scream “parent” and ruin every outfit but still does the job of holding all your stuff and all your kid’s stuff is truly something any mother will appreciate.

Meal Delivery: We all aspire to shop for the week ahead and plan out all our meals (with leftovers for lunches!). In reality, Plated makes a great gift for who we really are, i.e., people who aren’t allowed in nice restaurants and are trying to play down our rapport with the delivery guy.


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