I got into fashion after starting my own line while I was in college in Australia called Style Stalker. I ran that brand for eight years, ended up selling it to U.S. investors, then started a second line called Jet Set Diaries, so I’m pretty well versed in starting and creating brands. I met the team from Revolve through my work with Style Stalker and Jet Set Diaries since they were both lines Revolve carried. The owners and I got to talking and were very much in the same mindset, and together we created my newest line, Majorelle.

Majorelle is very luxe boho. Imagine your Mom was a Playboy Bunny in the ‘60s and your Dad is from some European dynasty; the clothes are super sexy, but also bohemian and cool. You could wear them chilling on a yacht, or at your office in Los Angeles dreaming you are chilling on a yacht [laughs]. They’re easy to wear because you don’t need a lot of layering or accessorizing to make them look good. Like this dress I’m wearing is great during the day with flats, but I also just wore it at an insane wedding in Spain. They can be dressed up or down.

I think the Next Big Thing in beauty is all about inner wellness. People are taking a hardcore approach to their health, like diet and exercise. I am not normally a cleanse girl, but I just did this cleanse called The Clean Program, and I swear by it. It was amazing. I was on it for three weeks, and honestly, the hardest part was just not being able to do coffee. Otherwise, you have a shake for breakfast and dinner with lots of healthy fats like avocado and almond butter. They’re delicious, and even more filling than a normal meal. The last few days of the cleanse I was in the Hampton’s, and it was really hard, but the food part of it was actually really easy. When I travel, I drink and eat so much, like if I’m in Cuba or Spain, I’m not holding back [laughs]. But when I’m here in L.A., I like to undo some of the damage.


Chelsea Cooper