“My name is Tana Gandhi, and I am a full time photographer. I shoot commercial and lifestyle products, still life, a little bit of travel, and I’m just trying to balance it out. I’m originally from Orange County, and I moved to LA about a year ago to pursue photography full time. I’m always looking for clients that appreciate the aesthetic and style that I shoot in, so whenever I’m shooting, I try to keep that eye consistent. [My style] is a little more commercial, really clean- clean lines, straight lines- and just a sense of calm throughout

I also have a collaborative blog with my friend where we experiment with really interesting makeup, really interesting outfits and wardrobes, and try to get comfortable with trying something we normally wouldn’t in an environment where we feel safe, but can also take risks. We look for inspiration anywhere online, so whatever you see that we do is probably something we found and thought was interesting, and then we took it two degrees differently to have our take on it.

Instead of what’s trendy, I like to believe the Next Big Thing in beauty is being able to look at what has been around for a while, and give it a little twist to make it your own. I always like to keep it classic and tend to play it safe in my own makeup, so for me, the next big thing is balancing something bold with something that also makes me feel comfortable at the same time, where I feel a little risky, but it’s still me. Whether it’s trying a new shade of lipstick, or using a different product on my eyebrows, it’s me, but amplified.

One aspect of beauty in my life that goes with my view of the Next Big Thing is Henna. My Mom does Henna and taught me how to do it, so I’ve grown up with it, and I really enjoy trying to incorporate it in new ways and find a modern take on it. Sometimes I have it on my hands, or even paint it on walls or food as a statement to show that Henna isn’t just a part of one culture, you can make it your own and create something fun out of it. I have a hashtag on Instagram, #hennabytana, where I showcase my work.”

Tana Gandhi shot by Jin-Woo Prensena on September 29th, 2015 at the Coffee Commissary in Los Angeles.
Henna photographs courtesy of Tana Gandhi.