Welcome to Japan Week, a celebration of beauty, dedicated to the culture that brought us Sailor Moon, Pocky, Tomoko Spa, and much, much more. For the next few days, we’ll be exploring all the best beauty that Japanese Drugstores have to offer. Oh, and on Instagram, we’re rounding up all the Japan inspiration you’ll ever need if you’re into art, models, photography, food, and travel from that part of the world, too. Stay tuned to this spot for more reviews through Friday- yesterday we covered makeup; today is all about bath & body. 

1. Tabin Yado Hot Springs Milky Bath Assortment

I never thought there would come a day when I was taking baths outside of those of the Epsom salt variety (those are purely out of sore-muscled necessity, not enjoyment), but here I am, a bonafide bath taker. Reddit tipped me off to the magical world of Tabin Yado Milky Bath Salts, and they are perfect. The smells are all just so yummy- strong but pleasant scents that turn your tub into a soothing hot spring. Aside from general relaxation, I am convinced there’s something in these that treats inflammation since the last two baths I’ve taken have been accompanied by hormonal breakouts that are virtually nonexistent by the next day. They’re so good, I’ve upped my weekly bath quota from once to two, even three days, and the only downside is having to restock the product more often. Worth it.


Lycée Eye Wash from the cult-favorite eye drop line Rhoto is the best eye wash I’ve ever used. But first: what is it? Similar to eye drops, but if eye drops got supersized, the wash comes with a little silicone cup that you fill with solution and gently rotate your eyeball around in. All I can say is, I never felt like my eyeballs were dirty until I felt how clean they were after using this wash. Rhoto as an eye brand traditionally known for its eye-whitening ability, which is what made it a staple on photoshoot sets everywhere, and I’m happy to report that in addition to the soothing properties, this Lycée version also does a bang up job in the whitening department, too.


I am obsessed with eye masks- I’ve had a backlog of Skyn Iceland Hydro-Cool Firming Gels in my fridge for two years that isn’t going away anytime soon. I usually gravitate towards de-puffing since I have genetic bags that no amount of product can cover, and I like them to be ice cold, hence the fridge. Kao’s Hot Steam Eye Mask is on the other end of the eye-care spectrum but doesn’t replace my Cooling Gels, it compliments them. The gels are now part of my morning routine- post-workout, pre-makeup- and the Hot Steam Eye Mask does its best work before bed after a long day of staring at a computer screen. As you unfold it over your eyes, it heats up like a warm towel without any of the wetness, and any headaches = gone! The heat lasts 20-40 minutes, but I usually end up falling asleep before they cool off completely, which, given my natural tendency toward stress-induced insomnia, is enough of a perk on its own to keep me happy.


Does anyone use loofahs anymore, or have we all finally realized that they’re germ-infested and ineffective? There was definitely a period in the mid-aughts where you weren’t really living if you didn’t have a loofa in your bathroom, but after some negative press in the last few years, it seems like the loofas moment has passed- thank god- but I still need something to exfoliate my body with! Salux Washcloths are the answer I was looking for: cheap, easy to work with, and they actually do leave skin baby soft (unlike my loofah- can you tell I have an ax to grind with loofahs?). They come in various shades of pastel and have a rough texture that pairs perfectly with any old bar of soap to nix everything from bad spray tans to keratosis pilaris. What more could you ask of something that costs $5?


Team Highbrow