Up until a few weeks ago, it looked like most of the country was going to be stuck in a never-ending winter, with snow and slush bogging down the east coast, and near-flash floods putting L.A. practically out of work. We survived (barely), but now everyone, including your favorite celebrities, have a get-the-hell-out-of-town mentality, flocking to various warm-weather paradises for some much-needed vacations. You deserve a reset from regular life, so to inspire some wanderlust and relieve you of any planning stress, we happily introduce supermodel Bella Hadid’s Travel Guide to Jamaica, a trip she so thoughtfully documented across her various social media platforms. The Instagram play-by-play included where to stay, what to do and what to wear while you’re there- read on and take notes.


JETLUX private plane, although Delta, JetBlue and American Airlines are all equally viable options for anyone not in need of private aviation, (or those not getting the PJ ride fo’ free $$$). Price-wise, you’re looking at a little over $200 from NYC, and closer to $300 from L.A. each way, plus an $80 cab ride from the airport to the resort.


Rockhouse Hotel, a boutique hotel on the cliffs of Negril, Jamaica’s Pristine Cove. If you’re into ‘digital detoxes’, the rooms here are T.V. and internet-free, so the only thing standing between you and fully checking out from the world is the power button on your cell phone.


Mineral bath and waterfall hikes– one of the many excursions offered by the resort- as well as some standard pool/beach time.