Choose Your Own Adventure

Highbrow Personas are about enjoying the now- whoever you are or want to be at this very moment- and helping you embrace that version of yourself. The ‘now’ could be what you feel on a grand scale, or maybe just on a Friday night, because your identity is always evolving and growing, and we’re just here to be a small part of that journey with you.

Each Persona is a piece of the whole ‘Highbrow Girl’- six sides of the same coin, if you will- so just because you feel like being the Creature of Comfort one weekend doesn’t mean you can’t be the After Party a few days later. They’re designed to make learning about and shopping for beauty easier, but also to be a vehicle of exploration. Mix and match them, combine them- it’s Choose Your Own Adventure, grown-up edition. Because beauty isn’t one dimensional, and neither is your personality.

Who Will You Be?