Reminder: Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, May 8, giving you five days to come up with something more creative than an artificially scented body lotion she’ll never use or flowers that won’t last the week. Celebrities are a constant source of inspiration in our industry, and since the pool of famous matrons is fairly diverse, we figured there had to be a doppelgänger for every type of Mom in your life. For a gift that is not only thoughtful, but also useful, consider the options below:

Soon-to-be Moms are already buying enough on their own for the little human they’re creating and most likely feel guilty spending anything on themselves. With that in mind, treat her to a gift that lets her be selfish and indulgent, like a facial or pre-natal massage. There are a host of on-demand options (Zen Mama is an L.A. favorite) so she won’t even have to leave the comfort of her own home to be pampered.

RMS products are genius gifts for new Moms as their line is completely foolproof (even if she’s a makeup master, she’s likely much more crunched for time these days), and they are made with simple, organic ingredients- as Fiona Stiles so aptly put it, “I want to cuddle up to my kid and not worry about what is on my face touching her face”. And if you’re wondering which product a new Mom might like, concealer to cover up late nights or a flattering lipstick she can throw on- sans mirror or lip liner- are a great place to start.

The world of natural skincare can be bleak, but think of Manuka Skincare as your initiation. The products feel luxe and have high quality packaging, all at a competitive price point, because we can’t always drop $100 on a moisturizer, but still want to give Mom the lavish skincare routine she deserves. Products like the Rapid Lift Face Mask ($29!) or Age Defying Serum ($49!) make great gifts on their own, or pair perfectly with reusable muslin cloths to keep with the eco-friendly theme.

If there’s a fashion accessory to stockpile as a Mom, it’s sunglasses. They’re practical- hiding lack of sleep when babies are a part of the mix, or overindulgent nights spent entertaining once all the kids are out of the house- and elevate any ensemble, which is probably why Victoria Beckham, the gold-standard in doing motherhood the chic way, is rarely seen without them. Hers [pictured above] are by Celine, but Quay and Spektre make quality alternatives.

After a long day of work, a sumptuous bed is a sanctuary, but chances are high your Mom is still sleeping on sheets as old as you are. There are so many brands disrupting the bedding landscape- Parachute, Brooklinen and Snowe are current favorites- who do the hard work and bundle essential sets for you. All you need to know is her bed size and address for a thoughtful one-click gift.